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Trending Fashion Fabrics

Trending this fall and for the year to come, these trends have been ruling the runways, has its influence in the recent collections at the stores.

Shimmer fabrics

From sweatshirts to dresses, shimmer has made a comeback recently, all the 90’s textile trends are reviving, shimmer was the definition of party wear fabric, obviously with the present contemporary designs it’s experimented on more than just party wear. Shimmer in pastel colors, the soft and shimmer combination is a win, it’s either the pastel shades or softer tones.

Striped fabrics

It’s one of the trending patterns, vertical and horizontal, mostly vertical is trending, trousers, shirts, skirts, shirt dresses in soft fabrics like cotton, blend fabrics, poly cotton, rayon, linen etc. Beyonce recently wore a pink and white striped pleated skirt catching headlines for making a rather bold statement while she was just wardrobe coordinated with her daughter Ivy.


The royalty of fabrics, velvet is back in dresses, crop tops, our all time favorite turtlenecks, even boots for that matter. There’s more color, lighter shades, nudes, classic maroon and black will always be in trend. Gone are the days it was only part of winter couture, the fabric comes in variety to suit the lightness of the weather, silk, and viscose respectively. Patterns and prints in velvet have taken a backseat, plain is the thumb rule.


Since see-through dresses and nudes are in trend, lace is catching the limelight for creating a perfect optical illusion in terms of skin and cloth. Color wise not so much variety but no-one is complaining till black and white exist. The sheer craftsmanship involved will be in style as far as textile trends are concerned.


Grey, white, black, nude. Knit is so in style. The comfort and simplicity is a win. Sweatshirts, pants, dresses, knit is everyone’s go-to when confused, it is gender fluid and works well on any body type.


Be it jackets, skirts, shirts, dresses or jumpsuits, denim is the savior for those with fashion blues. The comfort level is top notch and fits you best. This textile trend has evolved over jeans to dresses shows it’s here to stay.

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