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The collection consists of the trends coming back, we are moving back in time with bell bottoms for both men and women, the old fashioned broad lapels and collars are back, borrowing inspiration from childhood favorites they have created a theme of ‘comic meets denim’, there is sustainable fashion with actress Emma Watson as the icon, ending size games with oversize or universal size clothes, designs in sportswear, genderfluid or rather ungendered clothes in simple words clothes for both men and women.

  • Broad Lapels and Collars: Suits are always in style. The broad lapels on suits from the 90’s are coming back, the large collars in shirts to compliment the same as well.  Men and women both are wearing the same. The clothes in the fashion shows are taking inspiration from the gone era to make the best of the latest trend
  • High waists: High waists are waists which are above your navel ideally; all types of bottom wear are being made with these kind i.e. skinny jeans, bell bottoms, skirts, shorts, even formal pants. Again, these are trends brought back from the 90’s. The experiment is with the latest fabrics but the trend is that of a revival. 
  • Comic meets Denim: The comic cutouts are embroidered or patched on khaki jackets, denim and knit apparels. From accessories to jeans they’re everywhere, every major fashion house is trying to incorporate the same.
  • Sustainable Fashion: This is the latest revolution in fashion right, every process in the textile industry is from sustainable resources right from the dyeing to the weaving of the fabric. British actress Emma Watson is known for supporting it and designers are following suit. Sustainable fashion is important due to the climate change and the trend is here to stay.
  • Oversize clothes: These are clothes which follow the fit-all concept, clothes not defined by the size, free sizes fit to all body types are made stylish by the designers across the world. The comfort level and the look are great, making the style best.
  • Sports in design: Designers have gone ahead and mixed sports and fashion as the theme. Ease of movement and fabrics fit for outdoors, the athletic spirit can be witnessed through the clothes on the runway in the fashion week.  Eye catching colors, bright and contrasted.
  • Genderfluid or ungendered: Clothes fit for both genders in simple words. It’s for tomboys around the world, no more searching through racks in men sections. The fashion industry has moved forward when it comes to breaking the usual mindset, this trend is a personal favorite from the fashion week.



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